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professional Linux solutions
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VPS - modern and efficient virtualization solutions

It is a dream of every business owner to have the resources of his company used in 100%. And while in many other sectors this simply cannot be achieved, pursuing this goal in the IT industry is now becoming easier than ever thanks to all these modern technologies available to us.

One of the inventions that can significantly facilitate this task is virtualization. Each computer, and each server in particular, can launch any number (limited only by its capabilities) of the so-called virtual machines. A virtual machine is a software unit "pretending" in front of the installed programs to be a real computer. Depending on the type of virtualization, this "pretending" can be of a purely conventional nature, or it can be implemented as a full emulation of the physical hardware. Regardless of this technical aspect, the benefits are always the same - you get a dedicated platform designed for specific software and services, which is completely isolated from the rest of the system and other virtual machines, and which has its own work environment, separated disk and memory resources, and even precisely defined computing power. Virtualization is also being used with increasing frequency as a tool which provides the user with more convenience and simply saves his time. It is much easier to move a virtual machine with its entire software and environment from one physical server to another, than to move the environment and services themselves.

Our virtualization offer includes mainly implementations on your servers, but also ready-for-lease VPSs in such technologies as OpenVZ, LXC or KVM, which run on our dedicated servers in professional data centers.

QmaiLux is a professional e-mail server for the Linux platform. It combines the experience of the LinLux Solutions company and the achievements of the free software movement that are available under open licenses (GNU GPL, Public Domain), making it a perfect solution for those who need a top-quality service at a reasonable price.

QmaiLux provides a modern and effective anti-spam and anti-virus protection, full encryption of the mail sending/receiving process, possibility of setting up an unlimited number of mailboxes and aliases for any number of domains, access to e-mail via web browser using a lightweight, convenient and easy-to-use e-mail client, carefully selected and proven add-ons, and our unique in-house developed and continually improved administration panels (both for user and administrator purposes) that you won't be able to find anywhere else.

For more information about this flagship product of our company, please visit qmailux.com.


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