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About us - or why cooperating with us is a good idea

We are a company established several years ago, with pretty good experience under our belts. We successfully implement projects for small, medium and major players representing various industries. We are not a corporation, and we will never become one. In order to talk to the administrator, you don't have to get through an annoying helpline. We do not charge you for each second of conversation with our consultant. We take a human approach to each subject. We have reasonable prices. We keep developing by introducing new in-house developed products onto the market. We support the Free Software movement and we prove that you don't have to pay large amounts for something that - with a little effort - you can have almost for free. We promote a modern approach to the issue of the utilization of server resources and software, thus increasing the efficiency of our customers.

Our know-how covers numerous types of utility software and application software, including i.a. databases, www servers, ftp servers, cvs servers, e-mail servers, file servers, dns servers, dhcp servers, access services, monitoring services, firewalls, advanced routing mechanisms, redundancy of links and servers, all types of proxy servers, backup and data synchronization mechanisms, vpn networks, statistics, vps servers, SSL certificates, mx and dns backup servers, and many others that we don't want to bore you with at this point.

Feel free to get familiar with our offer and contact us. If you would like to obtain more information about our company or learn about some of our customers - please visit the relevant website containing this type of information.

QmaiLux is a professional e-mail server for the Linux platform. It combines the experience of the LinLux Solutions company and the achievements of the free software movement that are available under open licenses (GNU GPL, Public Domain), making it a perfect solution for those who need a top-quality service at a reasonable price.

QmaiLux provides a modern and effective anti-spam and anti-virus protection, full encryption of the mail sending/receiving process, possibility of setting up an unlimited number of mailboxes and aliases for any number of domains, access to e-mail via web browser using a lightweight, convenient and easy-to-use e-mail client, carefully selected and proven add-ons, and our unique in-house developed and continually improved administration panels (both for user and administrator purposes) that you won't be able to find anywhere else.

For more information about this flagship product of our company, please visit qmailux.com.


If you are interested in our offer or simply have any questions you would like to ask - please do not hesitate to contact us! We will determine your needs and discuss all the details.

E-mail: contact@linlux.solutions

Phone: +48 503 57 67 37